My Roof isn’t Leaking

There’s often a lot of confusion when faced with the decisions you need to make to repair or re-roof your home. Like many people are under the misconception that you can simply “patch” the part of your roof and all will be fine and dandy. The reality is that it has to be repaired in the correct manner or you will potentially end up spending much more over the long haul when it would have been easier and more cost-effective to address the issue properly. We are not a handyman and won’t just patch a roof, or replace broken tile. We won’t touch a roof if we can’t guarantee the work.

If your tile roof is 15-20 years old, the underlayment will need to be replaced at some time before it starts leaking. When the economy took a hit in 2008-2009, some tile manufacturers went out of business. If your tile is no longer produced, it can be difficult, if not impossible to match and you could need to replace all the tile on your roof.

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