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The Weakest Spots of Your Roof

Small problems with your roof, left untreated, can lead to bigger problems for your home. Just one peeled edge on a shingle can let in water that can seep into the underlayment and then into your home, causing rot and allowing mold and mildew to spread like a virus. Just one loose piece of flashing can do the same. The earlier you spot these probl...
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The Many Causes of Roof Damage

​The Reasons a Roof Can Fail There could be many different causes for a damaged roof, from substandard installation to harsh weather conditions. Leaks in the roof, as well as moisture, often happen due to a failure of the underlay. Even if your roof is doing its job of keeping the rain away, strong winds can drive the raindrops in between the ...
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Give the gift of a new roof

Many adults get themselves Christmas gifts. You can admit that you get your own presents without feeling guilty. This year, consider a present that doesn't go under the tree, but on topChri of your house – a new roof. If you're going to spend money on yourself, give yourself something that is going to last for years. You may not realiz...
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Avoid These Roofing Scams

The roof is one of the most important parts of any building, so the feeling of panic that sets in when a homeowner finds out that their roof needs to be repaired or replaced is understandable. Unfortunately, that feeling also makes it easy for some people to fall victim to roofing scams. A scam can be just about anything from a "contractor" doing subpar work to a scammer disappearing with your money without fixing your problem, but these are some of the more common roofing scams to watch out for.

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The History of Roofing

Since the dawn of man, there have been roofs. Albeit, they were primitive and likely made of sod, but roofs nonetheless. One constant has remained throughout the centuries: the roofing type of the moment depended on available resources. From earth and plants to straw and clay, roofing was necessary for both shelter and protection from rain and other weather. Early shelters made of sod, for instance, were insulative yet didn't keep out the pests or water seepage very well.

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